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Warriner Choral Society is keen support enthusiastic young singers for whom the costs of membership of a choir might be prohibitive.  It is in the interests of the choir and the wider community to nurture young talent, in the hope that they will become regular singers and help to continue the choral tradition.

For qualifying individuals we will waive our termly subscription fees.  Termly subs vary from £20-£50 depending on length of term, so this can be a saving of over £130 over a year.  We are specifically looking to attract students in full-time education or in their gap-year and who are interested in singing in a large choir.

Aged 16-25?
Student in Full Time Education?

Warriner is an enthusiastic and friendly choir, made up of people of all ages and experience.  We generally perform three or four concerts a year, in either Bloxham or Deddington.  Rehearsals take place in the Lecture Theatre at Warriner School, Bloxham, each Tuesday, from 7.30 - 9.30pm.

Highlights in recent years have included performances ranging from an evening of music from the movies and West End Musicals to an Opera Gala evening, and from Haydn's Creation to Bizet's Carmen - Something for everyone!

If you would like to join us, or you know someone who would, please contact us by Email/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram:-